Example_VirtualSerial running on M0 4350

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by marshall on Thu Sep 13 14:18:56 MST 2012
Board Hitex 4350

I am trying to port the Example_VirtualSerial from M4 Ram to M0 flash, I have the code compiled and running to a point. The sequence of the problem is when USB_Device_ProcessControlRequest is called by the PC for REQ_GetDescriptor, REQ_SetAddress, REQ_GetDescriptor the last call returns and Endpoint_IsSETUPReceived() is still set (or set again) causing the PC to retry the sequence over and over.

So the question is, is there any setup differences for Example_VirtualSerial for running in flash on M0 vs M4 and ram? I commented out bsp_init, and pasted in the scu_pinmux commands that were inside of it (they seemed to make no difference).

Another clue is that the PC which does get a Descriptor complains that the device is in Low Power Mode. (using usbview.exe).