lpc17xx as host for a Sony Ericsson phone

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Hello community,

I'm working on a project which involves using a phone to send some info via SMS. The phone is Sony Ericsson W200.

The phone supports AT commands so what I need is to be able to send some strings via USB.

When I plug the cable in the phone and in the computer, the device attaches under Linux as /dev/ttyACMx (ACM - abstract control model) so the phone's driver uses CDC to send stuff over USB.

My board has a LPC1768 which supports host mode. Actually, I even tested some examples from lpc17xx CodeBundle (USB Host Lite and USBCDC) and both of them work perfectly.

As I never worked with USB before, my questions is: can I be a host for a device that wants to be atached as ACM?

Also, please give me some guide on how could I send messages to the device.