nxpUSBlib support area?  ...and if so, library configuration question.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sjalloq on Tue Nov 08 15:56:46 MST 2011
Just wanted to check if this is the correct forum to ask questions regarding the usage of nxpUSBlib with the lpcxpresso IDE?

If it is, then I'd like to point out a bug/feature in the Linux IDE.  You configuration instructions tell you to, "Click Project->Build Configurations->Set Active-> and select the...".  However, this doesn't result in any sort of pop up window or selection box appearing.  If I instead right click on the project in question and navigate to "Build Configurations ->Set Active..." then I can select the relevant option.

I'm running v4.1.0 [build 164] on Ubuntu 11.04.