USB host resets my device after 'get configuration descriptor'

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hi all

i am using a LPC11U37H to implement a USB 2.0 full-speed device...i am going to implement it with a winusb driver on a windows 7 host pc.

Right now, i am getting a host reset after the 'get configuration descriptor' request.. the request is asking for a 255 bytes data payload.

i have only 1 configuration, 1 interface and 1 endpoint (excluding endpoint 0 IN and OUT). so i send my configuration as below:

typedef struct{
unsigned char bLength;
unsigned char bDescriptorType;
unsigned short int wTotalLength;
unsigned char bNumInterfaces;
unsigned char bConfigurationValue;
unsigned char iConfiguration;
unsigned char bmAttributes;
unsigned char bMaxPower;

unsigned char bLength_interface;
unsigned char bDescriptor_Typeinterface;
unsigned char bInterfaceNumber;
unsigned char bAlternateSetting;
unsigned char bNumEndpoints;
unsigned char bInterfaceClass;
unsigned char bInterfaceSubclass;
unsigned char bInterfaceProtocol;
unsigned char iInterface;

unsigned char bLength0;
unsigned char bDescriptorType0;
unsigned char bEndpointAddress0;
unsigned char bmAttributes0;
unsigned short wMaxPacketSize0;
unsigned char bInterval0;
} getconfig_descriptor;

getconfig_descriptor My_getconfig_desc = {
25, //total length of descriptor and subordinate descriptors
1, //number of interface
1, //configuration number, must be above 00. 00 = not configured.
0, //no string descriptor
0b11000000, //self-powered, NO remote wakeup
0x32, //100mA current

0, //interface number
0, //default alternate setting
1, //number of physical endpoints (excluding EP0)
0xFF, //interface class
0, //interface subclass
0, //interface protocol
0, //no string descriptor

0b10000001, //IN, logical endpoint address
0b00000011, //attributes: interrupt endpoint
64, //Maxpacketsize
0x64 //100ms max latency

After the setup request from the host,  i checked that the endpoint0 IN (data stage) and endpoint0 OUT (status stage) completed sucessfully because my endpoint0 IN interrupts fired off and i checked that NBytes are 0, meaning all 255 bytes of data are sent to the host. My endpoint0 OUT interrupt also fired off, meaning i received a ZLP status (stage completion) from the host.
(for the 255 bytes of data to send, i fill up the first 25bytes of the buffer with my structure above and the remaining of the 230 bytes with 0.)

i am thinking there must be something wrong with my descriptors since there is no other reason for the host to reset my device.

can anyone help check my descriptors above?

Note: i did not supply my INF file to the win7 host yet before i plugged in my device.... on the host, i get a 'device not recognised' message after i plugged in the device.
But i guess the INF file does not matter because i supposed if the enumeration went ok, i should see a message asking for drivers if the INF is not found...