Using LPC11U2X USB on chip driver

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by prt on Sat Mar 10 04:15:37 MST 2012

I'm trying to migrate an application from 8bit/serial to 32bits/USB.
I need PWM, EEPROM, I2C, USB (only a Vcom would be enough)
LPC11U24 seems to be what I'm looking for.
I have ported most of the code of my application on this new hardware using LPCXpresso.
I have seen many annoucements about the embedded USB drivers. Great!
But, it seems that the User manual is quite poor concerning this feature :
- No general guidelines on how to use the functions
- Many bugs (copy/paste)
- Some informations on some stuctures completely missing

I have also not seen any code example using this driver, which could help understanding the documentation.
Have I missed something ?
With the current informations I have, it seems quite difficult to develop something based on this driver.
Any advise would be welcome