nxpUSBLib/libraries/CDL/LPC17xxLib should include IAP code from AN11071

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by triffid_hunter on Tue Jul 03 09:28:26 MST 2012

nxpUSBLib includes IAP code for lpc17[78]x but not lpc17[56]x even though code for lpc17[56]x is available from AN11071

I believe that nxpUSBLib should include the code from AN11071.

Maybe even update it every so often, such as renaming 'void u32IAP_ReadSerialNumber' to 'void vIAP_ReadSerialNumber' for consistency, or putting in the actual description for u32IAP_ReadSerialNumber instead of having identical information as the quite different u32IAP_ReadBootVersion ;)