RTOS integration issues

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rocketdawg on Thu Aug 23 12:37:19 MST 2012
I have nxpUSBLib working on a LPCExpresso LPC1769.  I modified the generic HID example for my VID/PID and descriptors.
The device enumerates using this framework
I want to use an RTOS and I have a thread that replaces the for(;;) loop.  This thread runs every 10ms and it is running.

The issue is that the device does not work at all.  The USB reset causes the Host to send GetDescriptor but the stack does not ACK

I am seeing an interrupt upon connection, but the device just does not send anything.
So I an wondering what could be the difference between the standard CMSIS startup and the one provide by FreeRTOS?