No USB 3.0 Support?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jonathan84clark on Tue Dec 02 17:59:23 MST 2014
I have recently been having a tough time getting the LPC Link 2 to work with a new test, calibration and programming fixture I am working on. I was getting things like "Hardware transfer error" and I also ran into issues with LPCXpresso locking up when attempting to program a connected jtag device through the LPC-Link2 connected to a USB 3.0 connection.

After doing some research on your forms I discovered that USB 3.0 is not really supported very well (or at all), in other works, if you have a USB 3.0 port you are trying to use with the LPC-Link2, you actually have to downgrade to a slower USB 2.0 port in order for it to work.

So my question is; when do you expect to have this issue fixed? When are you planning to support USB 3.0? Most new computers are coming out with only one or two USB 2.0 ports, the rest are USB 3.0. The fixture I am working on uses a Lenovo mini which has all USB 3.0 ports and I fought with it for 2 hours before I found the problem. If the trend continues; USB 2.0 will gradually fade away and we will have nothing but USB 3.0. How many (functional) computers can you think of that still have USB 1.1 ports? Since USB 1.1 has become totally obsolete and is hardly used anymore; don't you think USB 2.0 will get to that point in the near future as well?

If you are not intending to support USB 3.0 you may want to publicize it a little better, there are a lot of people on the forums who have had similar issues to what I have had and I am sure it would cure a lot of headaches if everyone just knew "Oh, nxp doesn't use USB 3.0" . Maybe on the LPC-Link2 package you should say "This product does not work with USB 3.0" or something like that.


Jonathan L Clark