HID USB Problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by nasib on Wed Dec 19 12:28:08 MST 2012
Hi all!
I am testing the keyboard code in my lpcxpresso11u14, and i have some questions.

1) when i connect the board in the PC  through the J8 connector, the computer doesn't recognize the board. But when i connect it through the programming connector (J3) there isn't any problem.

2) When i run the keyboard code in the board, and i connect it to the PC (through the J3) it recognize the lpcxpresso like a HID Device (all OK). But when i disconnect it and connect it again, the computer recognize it like a DFU Device, and i can't communicate with it like a HID Device.

Why it could be happened ?

Thank you so much ( and sorry for my English).