LPC1837_Xpresso board: does the USB0 host interface support more than one device?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by waltwallach on Mon Mar 10 23:15:43 MST 2014
Reading in Host.h, there is a comment associated with USB_HOST_ADDRESS:

/** Indicates the fixed USB device address which any attached device is enumerated to when in
*  host mode. As only one USB device may be attached to the LPC in host mode at any one time
*  and that the address used is not important (other than the fact that it is non-zero), a
*  fixed value is specified by the library.
#define USB_HOST_DEVICEADDRESS                 1

Does this mean that only one device may be connected to the port (i.e., does this mean I cannot connect a hub to this port, and address devices through the hub)?

There are many items that are global static values which I would expect to be per-device, and the operations in HostStandardReq.h are oriented towards "the attached device" and not a specific device.

If so, then what does USB_Host_SetDeviceAddress (in HostStandardReq.h) do?

Is this a restriction of the LPCUSBLib?