Custom USB device class - Endpoint callbacks not being called

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by NickAtKandevsys on Mon Jan 27 10:16:33 MST 2014
I have a project based on the LPC1830, we are using the USB functionality in the boot rom to create a custom device class. The version field from the USBD_API_T is 0x01111101.

I register a class handler (core->RegisterClassHandler()) and an endpoint handler for EP2-IN (core->RegisterEpHandler())

The device enumerates and I am handling all of the standard and custom setup packets ok. However:

1. I do see some callbacks on this handler during enumeration (that is unexpected)
2. When the host app starts polling the device for data on Endpoint2-In (isoch) I see no call backs to the end point handler so I deliver no data to the endpoint.

Are there any known issues in this area? Custom device classes seem to be poorly documented. If there is a bug I presume I have the option to compile the source to the USB stack into my application and drive the USB hardware directly from my device app?

Thanks for any insight,