Can LPC1837 ROM API handle two USB device instances?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by busby on Tue Feb 10 05:52:27 MST 2015
For a long while, I have successfully used the USB device driver of the LPC1837 ROM to support a composite USB Audio 1.0/2.0 + HID device via my custom extensions.  Depending on the initialisation parameters, I can use either the USB 0 or USB 1 peripheral.

I now have a requirement to support USB device operation simultaneously on USB 0 AND USB 1 - i.e. two USB device instances.  Is it possible for the USB ROM driver to handle multiple instances?  If so, is it simply a case of calling "USBD_API->hw->Init" twice, passing it the appropriate parameters for each instance, then using the returned USBD_HANDLE_T for further access to each instance?


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