How to change sample code from usb1 to usb2

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I use LPC1788 and I want to run USB_Host example (IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 6.4 Evaluation\arm\examples\NXP\LPC17xx\IAR-LPC-1788-SK\USB_Host)
But my board is not a development one and Its USB inteface is connected to usb2 pins but the example is for USB1.
I changed two lines of Host_Init as below:

while ((OTGCLKST & 0x00000001) == 0) {
    OTGSTCTRL = 0x00000003;               //usb port sel , changed from 1 to 3 for usb2                    /**/
    IOCON_P0_31 = 0x1;                    // changed 29(D+1) to 31(D+2)        /* P0[31] = USB_D+2                         */
    IOCON_P1_30 = 0x1A1;                          /* P1[30] = USB_PWRD2                       */
    IOCON_P1_31 = 0x1A1;                          /* P1[31] = USB_OVRCR2                      */
    IOCON_P0_12 = 0x1A1;                          /* P0[12] = USB_PPWR2                       */

but I still have problems in Host_EnumDev :
USB_INT32S  Host_EnumDev (void)
    USB_INT32S  rc;

    PRINT_Log("Connect a Mass Storage device\n\r");
    while (!HOST_RhscIntr);

it stays in while statement
I think USB_IRQHandler doesnt call properly and i need more changes in code because of hardware differnce but i confused ...
please let me know if hardware schematic helps