The interrupt transfer of High speed on LPC1830.

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Hi everyone!

I am using the USB 2.0 High speed of LPC1830.

I question you about that of the interruption transmission to which a host(libusb) receives data from a device (LPC1830).
The command of  host: usb_interrupt_read()
The command of device: USB_WriteEP()
When there is no send data, is it that which is if the buffer is emptied?
When there is send data, should the send data be cop(ied) to the buffer?

The data transfer interval is 250us and the data size is 256 bytes.

I have made a code of bulk transfer already, but unfortunatey the latency time is not
specified(or guarantied).

So I am considering the interrupt transfer.
If anyone give me any comment, I am very happy.