[Driver Request] LPC Open 2.02 - Composite Driver CDC and DFU

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by m.yzb on Mon Nov 18 09:57:11 MST 2013

I'm trying to build a project on the LPC 4330 using the new USB Rom examples from LPC Open 2.02. I wanted to use the USBD Rom DFU Composite Project as a basis for my project, however after building and debugging my PC only detects the Mass Storage device and the HID.

I downloaded the Driver Package for the examples that are posted next to the download link for the LPC Open 2.02 however Windows 7 doesn't want to detect a Valid Driver for the DFU and CDC.

On a side note when running the standart USBD CDC Vcom Project the drivers get installed without a problem and I can establish a Vcom connection and mess around with the terminal.

Any Ideas on where to get the missing drivers?

Many thanks,