Mass Storage transfer speed

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Muis on Wed Nov 21 07:24:59 MST 2012
Using the LPC11U14 and LPCUSBlib 0.98, I created a Mass Storage device which reads data from SD card. The problem is that I'm not able to reach transfer rates above 250 kb/s, while a cheap off-the-shelf cardreader can easily accomplish 1 mb/s. Im not sure if it's the SPI rate, USB clock, or CPU speed which is the bottleneck, so a couple of questions:

     - SPI is running at 12 mhz, am I right that this should be enough?
     - Would it make a large difference to implement multi-block SPI transfer?
     - VIRTUAL_MEMORY_BLOCK_SIZE is 512 in the MassStorage example, would increasing it improve performance?
     - Is this CPU even capable of doing 1 mb/s transfer from MicroSD? If so, is there some example code?