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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Shoichi Kojima on Thu Oct 04 17:55:45 MST 2012
Hi fellow developers,

I just started CDC implementation onto 11U24 by employing nxpUSBlib 0.97.

I will not connect physical UART on the other end, purely virtual byte stream.
So, maybe I need to configure doube buffer structure in Endpoint-related hardware portion.

As I browse in related code in 0.97 package, CDC Class API seems to be designed with
that kind of architecture.
For examples, in CDCClassDevice.h, "DataINEndpointDoubleBank" is found as a
member variable of USB_ClassInfo_CDC_Device_t, as well as for Data OUT Ep and
notification Ep.
But, in sample code of VirtualSerial those parameters are set 'false'.

I think in my case, I need to set this 'true' to enjoy SOMETHING that the name of the member fields encourages me.
But, I'm lost in founding detail explanation about EndpointDoubleBank.
In what document and where can I find it ?