Mass Storage Device (MSD) with external SPI flash sst25vf064c ussing LPC1769

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Hi everybody!!!
I am working on a hand-held device, it will be a dataloger.
My idea, is to download the data through USB. So my device will be a mass storage device. (I am using an external SPI flash 8MB sst25vc064c).

I could enumerate and read every file created. But when I try to write some file into the mass storage (SPI flash) the library stays in an infinite loop "while(!Endpoint_IsReadWriteAllowed());", This is a fragment of the code:

//From SCSI_Command_ReadWrite_10 function
   //MassStorage_Write((BlockAddress+i)*VIRTUAL_MEMORY_BLOCK_SIZE,buffer, VIRTUAL_MEMORY_BLOCK_SIZE);

I know that the problem is becouse the function f25vf064c_wr_page512() take some time... So, how can I solve this issue? is it possible to use this SPI flash?

Best Regads!!!