Windows format request failing on Mass Storage Example on 11U14 and 0.98a

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Scribe on Thu Nov 29 14:57:07 MST 2012
Hi guys,

I have Mass Storage reading my SPI flash no problem, however when I attempt to format in FAT, the first 512B packet (1st sector) sent by Windows is not what's received on the other end by the SCSI driver:


Endpoint_Read_Stream_LE(buffer,VIRTUAL_MEMORY_BLOCK_SIZE,NULL); // Line ~322 SCSI.c - does not return expected packet


I have confirmed that the correct packet is being sent by Windows, in the entire transaction before Windows decides the format has failed, only a single 512B outgoing packet is sent and this contains a valid FAT header.

On the receiving end, however, the data that is retrieved does not match this and appears to contain data from the descriptor, I'm wondering if there's some buffer overflow/crossover here or if we're somehow looking at the wrong place in memory?

Many thanks for any help