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Anyone with spare HC908JB8?

Question asked by Lee Mulvogue on May 1, 2008
Latest reply on May 27, 2008 by Lee Mulvogue
Hi all, I'm rather new to the whole TBDML thing (and Freescale for that matter), so excuse my ignorance.  Just wondering if anyone has a spare MC68HC908JB8 they are willing to sell me (within reason), as I can't seem to locate one for under about $20.  Usually I can find free sample of chips on the freescale site, but not this one, and though it is cheap to buy, there's a $17 shipping fee on it.
If it happens to be pre-programmed that would be even better... (though I do intend getting the MAX232 section operational eventually)

Also, just to clarify; I've been using PIC micros, programming them with ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) using a cheap PG2C programmer; I assume from what I've read that BDM is similar to the ICSP method?

Brisbane, Australia