LPC11U35 and custom class

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I am evaluating LPC11U35 for a simple DAQ device where PC application would use libusb to communicate to it using a simple protocol.

I have looked at:


but I have additional questions:

I see that LPC11U35 has ROM Based drivers for common communication classes and also USB core stack (enumeration, etc).

Is there a way to use ROM based USB stack for making sure USB protocol is handled correctly, and then registering simple endpoint handlers in bulk mode for IN and OUT where I do my custom protocol implementation?

Something similar to nxpUSBLib v0.98b Device Bandwidth Test code, but I do not want the device to appear as mass storage device while enumerating.

I have been looking at the new LPCOpen library 1.03 and it seems Device Bandwidth Test example is gone. Is this a limitation or? Since nxpUSBLib is retired...

Also, if this above is not possible I may use LPC1769 which I use for other projects, so if anyone has some experience doing this...