USB Host Lite on the LPC1788

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Dave on Mon Jul 25 10:44:46 MST 2011
I downloaded the USB Host Lite (Beta) example software from NXP.COM from here:


The first thing I noticed is within the Host_Init() function, the base memory address for the data structures is as follows:

// For chip revision V01 and later
HostBaseAddr = 0x20080000;

According to the user's manual, this section of memory is reserved for the AHB peripherals...
[ref: UM10470 LPC178x/7x User manual Rev. 1.4 — 10 June 2011, page 14, table 3]

Am I misinterpreting this table?

I was thinking about relocating this base address to 0x2000000, which is described as "Peripheral RAM - bank 0(first 8kB)".

Anybody else run across this problem?