send a byte to the PC lpcxpresso11U14

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by nasib on Thu Nov 29 07:38:48 MST 2012
Hi! i'm working in a project using the lpcxpresso11u14, i've to send a byte ('A' for example)from the board to the PC.
I have an application programed in C# in the PC (using the library LibUsbDotNet) that is always reading the USB, and print in the command line that it reads.

a) I need you to help me to look for a simple library and a simple example of code just to send a BYTE please.
b) I don`t know if using the nxpUSBlib i can do that i want (sending a simple byte)
c) I don't know if i have to use HID libraries or another. (because i use the USBInfWizard to install the driver necesary to work with LibUsbDotNet library, and it recognizes the lpcxpresso like a "USB with DFU capabilities").

I've read the  GenericHID.c code and it looks very difficult to me (and i don't know if this library really could help me)


I really need your help!!

thank you very much!!