Easy to understand USB (ON CHIP ROM BASED) CDC, HID and MSC USB device examples for the LPC11U24/LPC11U37

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by halherta on Sat Jul 28 10:27:25 MST 2012
Hello there, I've looked at the nxpUSBlib library. I understand that its based on the LUFA USB Stack for AVR. I never liked LUFA because it was messy and too confusing to use even with documentation. Now nxpUSBLib does not even have documentation. I've never heard of any library being published for use in commercial products that does not have proper documentation.

Furthermore Ideally I do not like having to incorporate a 7MB folder into my project simply to use the on-chip rom USB device Drivers (CDC, HID and MSC) found on the LPC11U24/ LPC11U3x. I'd much rather have some independent sample projects published preferably with some instructions on use in a form of an application note. Since the USBStack itself is in ROM, I cannot imagine the template for such examples to be larger than a few source files.

An alternative would be to publish instructions on which files need to be extracted from the nxpUSBLib library to create such a template e.g for setting up ONCHIP ROM CDC example ....again via app notes and/or documentation.

Finally I'd like to have these template projects files be portable to more toolchains that just LPCXpresso and Keil. IAR and GCC ought to be supported as well.

thank you