USB example gives unknown device on MCB4300 dev board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by agemoz on Sat Dec 19 17:52:48 MST 2015
   I've been writing code for my custom LPC4357 board, this has so far gone very well.  I've just started attempting to turn on its USB port to make my board look like a disk drive that will supply web pages on a server.  I used the LPCOpen usbd_rom_msc_ram example on the Keil MCB4300 board to help me get started.  This compiled and linked fine on the Keil dev board, I was able to use the cortex M3 debugger to run it from reset.  It appears to step through the USB example without failing or getting a hard fault, I see it sitting in the WFI (wait for interrupt) routine. 

  However the PC that connects the USB port is showing an unrecognized device and that the USB port has been disabled.  I would appreciate some guidance why this example is not running on the Keil board as expected?  I thought I would see an unformatted disk but that is not happening, although the example code seems to be running.

I'm running LPCXpresso v7.4.0 [Build 229] [2014-09-16] on a Win7 PC.