Problems with HID

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by tsigorb on Tue May 26 04:14:03 MST 2015
Hi, friends!

I have same problems with hardware HID implementation to LPC1823 processor. I am create complex USB device which consist of 2 parts - usb audio device and HID device. Enumeration procedure is ok, and this devices show in Windows devices manager.

My problems:
1. if I use programm SimpleHIDWrite.exe for write report, then my firmware recieve event USB_EVT_OUT_NAK instead USB_EVT_OUT in HID_EpOutHdlr and data is absent;
2. if I use programm SimpleHIDWrite.exe for SetReport, then my firmware call HID_SetReport function, but length of data==0 and data is absent;
3. if I open my HID device with CreateFile function, device is opening correctly, but read HID report with function ReadFile not call HID_EpInHdlr in firmware (code to PC side work correctly with other devices).

Only HID_GetReport work correctly if I call function GetReport from programm SimpleHIDWrite.exe:(

Help me, please...