Using nxpUSBLib with keil for LPC1768

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by rnd_photonplay on Sat Oct 12 13:56:34 MST 2013

I am new to nxpUSBLib. I want to use this library with keil for LPC1768 mcu.

For that I have tried compiling following project solution:
[color=#00f]nxpUSBlib v0.98b\libraries\LPCUSBLib\LPCUSBlib.uvproj[/color]

After compilation process completed, I got following lib files:
[color=#00f]nxpUSBlib v0.98b\libraries\LPCUSBLib\keil_output\LPCUSBlib_LPC17xx_Device.lib
nxpUSBlib v0.98b\libraries\LPCUSBLib\keil_output\LPCUSBlib_LPC17xx_Host.lib
nxpUSBlib v0.98b\libraries\LPCUSBLib\keil_output\LPCUSBlib_LPC17xx_HostDevice.lib

I have no idea which lib file to refer and which header file to be included in my project.
There is a step by step help available for LPCExpreso. but no detailed help for "Keil".
If I could get some documentation about all the USB APIs then it will be very helpful.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.