First stage loader using USB for loading initial code into device

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1.I have a existing lpc43xx custom  device that makes use of UART for loading of initial code into the device.

I  need to find if this can be changed by USB instead. I see that the LPC43xx User manual mentions USB Boot mode only by DFU and not CDC. Does this mean there is a tool that runs on Host and should have  a DFU class implemented in it and I need not consider to support DFU class on my device as well? Any DFU tool that exists to load initial code into the device like a 1st stage loader ?  If I need this replace this with USB should I implement a DFU class in addition or a CDC class would very well handle it , what are the choices that exist now?

I have already created USB CDC class support on this device and it is up and running now.

There is already a 1st stage loader in existing device but it sends the image with header via UART at the moment and can this be modified by a USB CDC and can the functionality still work intact or do I need some sort of a DFU class.


Do we have any NXP tool or App note for this so I can use and integrate it into by PC Based Application directly as a plug in ( DFUSEc or ???)