hitex_eva_4350_usbd_rom_cdc_vcom Example - Failed to open the virtuell Com port

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Meyer on Fri Nov 22 06:03:43 MST 2013
Hi Lpc-Team,

I downloaded the new Lpcopen Examples V2.02 and compile  the above-mentioned Example. All Fine no Errors. I downloaded the Windows drivers (lpcopen_examples_windows_usb_drivers_v1_10.zip) and installed the Driver. The device is recognized as a virtual comport (Com6). As a reminder, I use the hitex board 4350.

Now I wanted to test the "echo" and open my hyperterminal Putty. Putty reports an error when opening the Comport. Ok I switch to Hterm and here error when opening, too.

Is there someone who has ready a solution ? an Idea? who fix the problem ?

I am grateful for any help ;)

Best regards

Meyer Thomas