How to implement back-pressure Flow control with ROM driver, RegisterEpHandler(,,,) for BULK_OUT,

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I am trying to figure out how I can postpone the buffer read after the callback VCOM_bulk_out_hdlr has given a an event of type USB_EVT_OUT. I want to hold back the host until the downstream channel has room for the data, but I dont want to idle inside the callback nor to buffer-up in yet a buffer layer. The callback is running at interrupt priority. I.e. ReadEP() function should be run later (and at task priority). Is that possible?

Returning ERR_USBD_UNHANDLED in the callback. Will that hold back the host for sending new data until the present ones are read? If yes, will reading the out data using ->ReadEP(hUsb, USB_CDC_EP_BULK_OUT, &buffer) actually unblock the host (sending ACK's) when more data arrives?

By the way, in reading the code comments with the fine looking-glass I found the following surprising information:

The RegisterEpHandler() in the ROM driver assigns a callback for users application. In the typedef for this callback the comments says among other
*  The application layer should define the custom class's <B>EP0</B> handler with function signature.
Why does it say EP0 (which I translate to EndPoint_Zero)? I would expect it to read simply 'EndPoint'. Is the code comment really true in which case I dont understand how the code should operate.

Thanks for any advice you may have