nxpUSBlib hard fault with LPCExpresso 11U14 and baseboard rev b.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Scribe on Sat Nov 17 08:54:55 MST 2012
Hi guys,

I'm new to the nxpUSBlib and LPCXpresso IDE, where I've previously used Keil but am looking to this library for its open nature.

I have just imported the nxpUSBlib v0.98 to my workspace and configured all active build configurations for the LPC11Uxx, selecting the BSP targeting the Embedded Artists mainboard.

However, when I attempt to run the HIDDevice example, I receive a Hard Fault before the program even reaches the main loop, likewise, with the Mass Storage example I receive a Hard Fault upon connection of the USB driver to the PC.

Does anyone know of any common causes/issues that could cause these Hard Faults? Beyond customising active build configurations and MCU targets for my device, I'm using completely default settings.

Many thanks