Host mode support by nxpUSBlib

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by Thucydides on Fri Nov 08 06:57:20 MST 2013

Today I've downloaded nxpUSBlib ver.0.98 and built on the LPCXpresso IDE.
Then I found that examples for Host couldn't be built e.g. Example_KeyboardHost, Example_MassStorageHost.
Soon I found the reason, HCD related functions wasn't implemented in HCD.c.
For example HcdControlTransfer, HcdDataTransfer, HcdGetPipeStatus etc.
Then I downloaded AOAA sample project aoa_board_130410.zip from EA site.
USB library name in the AOAA project was nxpUSBlib but at least now I don't check the difference with LPCUSBlib in the ver.0.98.
As for projects in the AOAA sample, all three projects also couldn't be built.
The reason seemed to be same with ver.0.98.
Someone know implementations that support Host mode for nxpUSBlib?
Since I saw AOAA demo that must support Host mode by LXP, so there must be Host mode implementation.