Two questions regarding the virtual serial device (nxpusblib, lpc1788)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by TKoe on Mon Jul 09 05:58:26 MST 2012

I am new to NXP uCs (and ARM processors in general) and to USB, so I was trying to use the VirtualSerialDevice example from the current version of nxpusblib.
Compiling and programming went well and (after installing the driver) I do have a virtual serial port available in HTerm.

However when I sent any byte of data I got a not ending stream of reply data. I fixed that with the small patch from Vu Nguyen (http://lpcware.com/content/forum/nxpusblib-dualvirtualserial-example#comment-1419). Now I can send single bytes just fine and get the correct response. But when sending multiple bytes I get wrong data back (e.g. sending "123", receiving "11").
How would I fix that?

Also I have a general question about the baud rate. It didn't seem to matter which baud rate setting I chose in HTerm. Everything worked like above. From 300 baud to 15 Mbaud (which is faster than Full-Speed USB). Also I can't seem to find a setting for that in the nxpusblib.
The documentation (or at least the parts that I read) didn't say anything about that either.
Can someone explain how I can set the actual speed of that port? And what is the maximum possible?

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