USB and AHB for LPC4337

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jpplus on Tue Dec 09 21:46:54 MST 2014
I get a strange issue that USB cannot work when any code accessing of AHB.
I get below code, the debug_printf function is basically print out msg via USB.
when I comment out the code of memcpy to avoid access AHB SRAM, then USB can print out hello world.
if I add that memcpy, then USB cannot print out.
I guess there is some setting of AHB priority, but basically I need the higher priority of the memcpy
The hardware is 4337.

                while(1) {
                void * dest=(void *)0x20000000; //an example of accessing AHB SRAM
memcpy(dest, (void *)buffer, sizeof(buffer)); //comment out this line, then USB works, if adding this line, USB does not print anything.
count = debug_printf("Hello world!!\n\r");