nxpUSBLIB: OTG socket not powered in host mode

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dima2611 on Fri Feb 24 06:11:22 MST 2012
Hi there,

I try the example of MassStorageHost with LPC4350 (board LPC-4350-DB1). I use a "A-Socket to mini-B-plug" cable. I connected pins #4 and #5 to make it look like "mini-A". So, USB0_ID is connected to GND.

I miss the point where in the software the VBUS is switched on. Currently, I have no power there, so an attached device cannot be detected.

No VBUS power => no call of USB0_IRQHandler()  => no checking for EHC_USBSTS_PortChangeDetect.. etc.

There are a couple of calls which can be thought of as if they could manage VBUS:
(located in Drivers/USB/Core/LPC/Host_LPC.c)

- USB_Host_VBUS_Manual_Off
- USB_Host_VBUS_Auto_Enable
- USB_Host_VBUS_Auto_On

But... 1st: they are empty (see macros in ..../Host_LPC.h) 2nd: they are intended to be called in
Host_LPC.c: USB_Host_ProcessNextHostState: HOST_State_Powered which is set through
HcdIrqHandler => PortStatusChangeIsr => USB_Host_Enumerate

But as I said HcdIrqHandler does nothing because unpowered USB OTG socket sees no change.

I hope it is only a configuration problem. Please help! :)