LPC11U14 Mass Storage Not able to transfer 1KB of file with nxUSBLib(0.93, 0,96 and 0.98b)

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by Manirajashirwad on Tue May 28 05:59:57 MST 2013


I have used LPC11u14 microcontroller and nxpUSBLib for developing a Mass Storage Device.

The device is working properly, getting enumerated properly and I can also open "Readme.txt" file.

But whe I try to copy a file into a device which is more than 1KB(1250bytes ~), the device is not working properly. It takes a long to save a file(more than 1minute) or it is making my Host(Windows7 PC) hang. 

When I debugged, the NBytes bytes of the Endpoint Command/Status list is not getting updated properly. The firmware is setting the data to be received as 0x3ff(1023) and the value should be decreased when the data is received. But remains the same for a long time and gets updated very late.

I even tried the same code with LPC11u37. Here also same problem is seen.

What will be the issue? Please help me solve this issure?


Maniraj AShirwad G