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How to connect a Wlfson codec WM8750 to MCF5251 CPU

Discussion created by varindra kumar on Apr 30, 2008
Latest reply on May 17, 2008 by varindra kumar
         We have to interface the WM8750 codec to MCF5251, this CPU has 3 no. I2S
Controller - 1st Interface is I/O, 2nd interface is only Out & 3rd
interface is only In. We are not sure about the status about the  DAC &
ADC (Word Clock) in the WM8750 codec, i.e. whether there are two seperate clock
required while bit clock can be the same. Presently we have taken word clock
from 1st interface & 2nd interface, bit clock from the 1st interface and
DIN & DOUT from the 1st interface of the MCF5251 to WM8750 codec connection. Is
it ok ? or else how we can connect.

WM8750 has a common bit clock, ADCLRC & DACLRC (i.e. seperate word clock for ADC &
DAC inside), DIN, DOUT.

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