build nxpUSBLib with gcc

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Hi all:
    Can nxpUSBLib be build with gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_7 ? I get this src package from "LPCOpen Software Development Platform 1.03" package and my hardware is LPC1768. Now I migrage it under GCC,but there are some errors especially in Endpoint_LPC17XX.c which said __BSS() no definition. I comment __BSS() macro in HAL_LPC17xx.h (this macro works under __LPC177X_8X__, why?) and then build is OK. I am not sure whether what I've done is right. Can anybody tell me what 's the diffeence between __LPC177X_8X__ & __LPC175X_6X__? Why __LPC177X_8X__ need this macro but __LPC175X_6X__ needn't? Are there any other nxpUSBLib version suitable with GCC?

    Another thing, nxpUSBLib works with strange driverlib which is in the folder lpc_chip. It doesn't seems to be the good one. Why not use the official driver lib package?