Stuck in while (!(LPC_SYSCON->SYSPLLCLKUEN & 0x01));     /* Wait Until Updated       */

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Scribe on Tue Nov 27 11:38:14 MST 2012
Hi guys,

I've been attempting to implement basic SPI flash in the mass sotrage example for 11Uxx in 0.98/a for a while, however find that whenever I include my flash file and call the setup function I get stuck in the following setup loop:

while (!(LPC_SYSCON->SYSPLLCLKUEN & 0x01));     /* Wait Until Updated       */

What's making me lose my mind is that this loop should execute before any code as it's from system_LPC11UXX.c I don't have a clue how I got here. If I attempt to insert break-points it doesn't help, I get stuck here before I even reach the new code.

On the off chance this was a RAM space issue, I reduced a large memory structure in another file considerably to no avail, my new code doesn't use that much RAM so this seems unlikely...

I'm baffled guys, any idea?