How to Find USB Transfer Rate?

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Hi, I am using LPC 3250 custom board ported with kernel 2.6.34.

In my Project am using  USB in OTG mode for this we are selected MICREL 2555 IC.Previous project  we are worked on MICREL 2555 IC but in HOST mode only .It's working properly.But we need to work on OTG mode For this we are selected OTG connector and some changes are done in my kernel.

Now my question is What is the USB transfer rate from PC to Board and Board to PC ? How can i find this one?

In the data sheet he didn't mentioned anything. He mentioned in MICREL 2555 data sheet as follows

If Vbat=3.6V I2C Signalling Rate      100 kbps(min)            400 kbps(Max)

If Vbat =3.0V I2C Signalling Rate     100 kbps(min)            200 kbps(Max)

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