Hard Fault on line 'Endpoint_Read_Stream'

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Hi guys,

I've been tinkering with nxpUSBlib for 3 days now and have successfully ported, for the most part, my custom media over to mass storage and am pretty happy with my experience with the library so far. I have, it seems, one final error to contend with.

When I attempt to format my mass storage from Windows, one sector of data (the first transmission) is successfully written to my flash drive, however I subsequently receive a hard fault, which I'm tracking down to the following code, which is contained within Endpoint_LPC.h.

0000217e:   ldr r0, [pc, #96] ; (0x21e0 <Endpoint_Read_Stream_LE+220>)
00002180:   ldrb r1, [r0, r1]

Which at the C level I believe is the following line:

tem = usb_data_buffer_OUT[usb_data_buffer_OUT_index];

If I step through my program for after flash write but before the hard fault, I seem to be able to avoid the error (though my format has timed out of course), suggesting perhaps this is a buffer overflow issue?

Any other ideas what may be causing this issue? (something I'm not doing right etc!). Also I'm considering if my flash storage is too slow... I don't think so but notice there's USB command to request a delay? Should I consider using this?

I'm running on an LPC11U14 via LPC Expresso, using nxpUSBlib v0.97.

Many thanks