LPCOpen Virtual Serial Device example in embedded artists lpc1788 board, device not recognized

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sipel_tp on Thu Oct 10 08:27:04 MST 2013
Hi everyone,

I've tried the LPCOPEN in the Embedded Artists' LPC1788 Developer's Kit example the PC does not recognize the device ...
The example runs ok and I can debug the program step by step in the EA1788 board.
I can't find the causes...

TheLPCXpresso can't finde the implementation of the functions:

Serial_Send((uint8_t *) out_buff, 1, BLOCKING);


recv_count = Serial_Revc(in_buff, CDC_TXRX_EPSIZE, NONE_BLOCKING);

Is this usable with EA1788 Board???

It seems to be that nxp didn't make the library for the lpc1788 with lpcopen, is another library that I can use out there?

Thanks, I'll really appreciate your help or advice !