What is host mode USB_PWRD input for?

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I don't understand the use of USB_PWRD.  The 17xx/18xx  User manual says:

USB_PWRD2 — Power Status for USB port 2. When using the chip in USB host mode, the USB_PWRD input must be enabled. The USB host controller will only detect a device connect event when the port power bit is set in the OHCI and the USB_PWRD bit is asserted for the corresponding port.

I have the Embedded Artists LPC1788 development board.  USB2 is configured for use as a host.  In this case, J17 typically connects P1.30 to VCC on the host port (which is turned on and off via USB_PPWR2).

I also have USB OHCI code.  In this code, P1.30 is configured as USB_VBUS, not USB_PWRD2.  The thing that puzzles me is that the USB host code detects a device being plugged in and/or removed EVEN IF P1.30 IS NOT CONNECTED. (That is, I have removed the J17 jumper so P1.30/USB_PWRD2/USB_VBUS is now floating).

So, what exactly is USB_PWRD for?  USB Host functionality seems to work whether it's connected or not.