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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Marco72 on Mon Nov 14 22:53:13 MST 2011
Hi , I am studying the mass storage host example.
My enviroment is LPCXpresso v4.0.5 [Build 123] + LPCXpressso LPC1769 REV B, plugged on a breadboard where is the USB connector ( and some resistor as for some examples found on LPCXpresso support forum).
The lib is "nxpUSBlib v0.90 beta"

I have 3 USB memory key, 2 of them work without errors but one not work.

The not working naturally works plugged to PC.

Debugging I found that the program remain always locked in WaitForTransferComplete function when this function is called within MS_Host_RequestSense because of calling EVENT_USB_Host_DeviceEnumerationComplete.

So the enumeration happen but there is a problem in "sense requesting".

Thank you very much for any help to understand what happen.