can't get nxpUSBlib working with app uploaded by bootloader.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mozmck on Mon Mar 26 11:22:59 MST 2012
I'm using an LPC1752 chip with nxpUSBlib v0.92 and a USB bootloader I wrote.  The bootloader puts the application starting at 0x2000, and that seems to work fine.  I can upload an application and it will run, blink lights, etc.

But the problem comes trying to get usb to work in the application.  I used the same code from the bootloader that does work, and just changed one string in the descriptor, but it never connects to the computer.  I can toggle an led and see that my code has not hung, but the usb does not work.  With a bit of testing it appears that DcdIrqHandler() gets called but SlaveEndpointISR() never does.

Is there something in the library that uses hard-coded addresses or something that would cause it not to work when the starting address is 0x2000?  Any ideas?