Spifi memory mapping shifted 1 byte???

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by diederikloos on Thu Dec 10 08:52:05 MST 2015
custom board
eclipse, using arm-gcc-none-eabi
flash: S25FL512S
OS: ChibiOS

Hey guys,

I am trying to use the SPIFI library in combination with spansion S25FL512s flash memory. I managed to get the library working on LPC4357, but when i memory map the device, all the data I inserted seems to be shifted 1 byte to the left, even though I defined the base address as 0x14000000.
If I try to write 4 bytes, and then switch to memmapped mode, i can only see 3 bytes have been written. We tried to add 1 to the base addres, but then the last byte of the page (byte 512) will not be written. I've checked whether the buffers were 32 bit alligned (by (address & 0x03)). Does anyone have a clue why the memory mapping is shifted 1 byte?