Problems with the example KeyboardHost

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by paulo on Thu Aug 30 12:56:24 MST 2012

I'm testing the examples Example_KeyboardHost and Example_VirtualSerial on a plate LPCXPRESSO baseboard along with the link containing the micro LPC LPC 1769.
When I run the project Example_KeyboardHost without connecting a USB cable to connector X3 containing a FT232RL connected to UART3 the program runs normally but when I connect the cable occurs the errors identified in the images below, it all before I connect the keyboard. If I run the program with the cable already connected it runs normally, but when I open a terminal application and point to that door he gives the same mistakes of the images below.
In case the project Example_VirtualSerial it works normally, but I just connect the USB cable to the connector X3 to encounter the same problems.
In the case of the example he uses Example_KeyboardHost UART3 to send keystrokes via the keyboard, but as I said earlier, I just connect the cable to the problem below occurs.
Anyone have any tips for me?