(LPCXpresso1769 USB Host) fails to enumerate slave device at state 7, error code 3 subcode 2.

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by gspirotis on Sat Mar 29 06:13:51 MST 2014
   I am trying to create a USB host with an LPCXpresso1769 Module from Embedded Artists, using LPC Open Lib and while the USB Host recognizes the device initially it fails to enumerate it with error code 3, subcode 2, at state 7. Looking at the "Host.c" file, state 7 is the "HOST_STATE_Default" where the code attempts to send a control request to the device and obtain the device descriptor.
   I should state that I get the same result when I plug in a memory stick, or a WiFi dongle. It seems that it is a software problem, and not a hardware one, since I have tested it on a custom board, as well as one bought through Embedded Artists. Enough power is also supplied, so that is not a problem too.
   If anyone has come across the same problem please help...

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