LCD Controller issues

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by bunrockter on Mon Sep 03 23:24:13 MST 2012
I am trying to get the LCD controller up and going on my LPC4350. I found a data sheet for the driver that is in the TFT display I am using (Newhaven) and I have set up the timing according to those values.

It is a 24 bpp model, but since the Hitex eval board doesn't have enough ram, I am running it in 16 bpp mode. I am sure the data lines don't match up, but I should still be able to get an image, the colors should just be off. Am I correct on that?

Anyways, I haven't been able to get an image on the LCD, so I decided to take a capture of the signals. My device doesn't have a very big buffer, so it is just the first line. However, I noticed that every time there is a pulse on the Hsync line that the enable line drops as well, is this the normal behavior?

I haven't had much experience with LPC MCUs, any help would be greatly appreciated. I will also attach the wave form. It is missing the clock, because it fills up the buffer pretty fast.