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I'm sorry if I'm writting on the false forum, but I don't know where can I put my question.

I'm trying to use the LPCD mode with the RFID IC CLRC663 whitout success. I'm using the following functions from the NXP library:
- phhalHw_Rc663_Cmd_Lpcd
- phhalHw_Rc663_Cmd_LpcdConfig

At the first time I configure the CLRC663 with the function "phhalHw_Rc663_Cmd_Lpcd" and then I get the values for I and Q. Then I put these values into the next function but the IC does not generate any interrupt when I put a card near the feld.

Is there any example how I have to configure these funcionts and the IC? Or maybe some hints?

I'd appreciate for any help.

Thank you in advance.